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learning architecture

Learning architecture

Learning architecture means stepping back from learning objectives, single programmes and individual learners, and working out how to align learning and development activities to your business goals. We consider the relationship between technological, cultural and organisational factors to devise systems that will deliver for your business in the long term.

What do we do?

Often learning and development activities operate in isolation, with no way of knowing how learning impacts the bottom line. To see this cause and effect, we map organisations’ learning assets to their desired skills outcomes and corporate goals. We also figure out how to use existing systems and processes to better support learning in an organisation, how to balance formal and informal learning opportunities, and how to deliver the best possible solution within corporate constraints.

We never design a solution with a limited shelf life – we look to where our clients want to be in five or ten years. Every one of our clients has come back to us time and again, to partner up on new adventures as they grow.

Examples of projects