Open University

Sue Parr, Head of Executive Education at The Open University, explains how working with Jigsaw is a true collaboration.

I have worked with Elspeth for a number of years and have always been impressed by her design and development skills and her overview of the role of the educational programme she is designing within the broader context. Elspeth’s background in academic distance education provides a real rigour to the design and pathways she develops, with clear and appropriate assessments planned and written with a focus on the learner outcomes.

She is flexible and pragmatic in her programme design, but is also clear minded and able to work on any subject - using the same ability to analyse and identify the essential elements of any topic. Elspeth has a very collaborative style and will work closely with experts to ensure key learning points are thoroughly explored and tested.

Jigsaw have extensive experience of designing and developing blended learning programmes for a range of organisations, working with academic institutions, charities and commercial organisations to transfer existing programmes to blended and distance learning or developing blended programmes from scratch.

Jigsaw are experts in the use of Moodle and use the platform to support blended learning, making very effective use of all the functionality available - including tutor and student support systems, feedback, and evaluation.

Elspeth and her team at Jigsaw do not just deliver online and are equally effective in developing excellent print and integrated resources and tutorial input in their programme design.

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