Fritz institute

Find out why Jane Macdonald from Fritz Institute is talking about trumpets.

This year we are converting the last remaining courses in our program for delivery via Moodle. This is great because now we get to work with Jigsaw again. They first worked with us in 2011 and 2012 to move a distance learning program from CD-based delivery to online delivery mode. They redesigned the visual look of the course, tweaked the instructional design, developed our own Moodle portal and stuck around to make sure everything played nicely with legacy programs.

That was the technical side of the work, and thoroughly top drawer all of it was. You know the saying, be the person your dog thinks you are? Well Jigsaw’s the learning design people I think every firm should be. The kind of smart that does not trumpet itself, web design and delivery skills that will show you how to properly deliver courses online, flexible and diplomatic so you don’t have to worry about having them talk with any of your own partners or clients. I don’t think they teach the sort of reliability you get from Jigsaw. I believe that Elspeth and Mark were just born the kind of people who figure out what needs to be done, what’s likely to be needed doing, and then get on with it. I just wish we had more courses that need working on.

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