Cambridge International Land Institute

Professor Bill Seabrooke from Cambridge International Land Institute says that working with Jigsaw has allowed them to move with the times.

Cambridge International Land Institute has faced a constant challenge in developing electronic learning assets from the Cambridge University environment to professional training of a standard commensurate with the Cambridge 'brand', i.e. to keep abreast of best market practice in presentation and delivery. Fortunately, we have known one of the two managing directors of the Jigsaw Learning team for many, many years and the other half of the business for just many years.

One of the beauties of working with Jigsaw is being able to communicate directly with the team leaders, for issues relating to design, delivery or technical follow-up. Believe me, Cambridge International Land Institute has taken full and beneficial advantage of this facility to review and keep our programmes ahead of market expectations.

Possibly the greatest feature of working with Jigsaw Learning is the willingness and ability of its directors to engage in the constructive, iterative process to arrive at our intended destination effectively and efficiently by adapting our own ideas and adopting the invaluable advice, based on great experience, from the Jigsaw team.

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